Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong

NJT Founder, Editor, Full-stack Software Developer, Loving Father and Husband.

He has been a computer enthusiastic since child, his mother used to tell the story he had been disassembly and reassembly the computer parts.

Worked as a computer technician at 17, studied Software Engineering in University, full stack software developer since 2014.

"Calm and conservative but with sense humour. Sparks of charm when you're doing your little speech. Loyal, lovely and optimistic.

The beauty of this chemistry is like a shooting star among a sky full of stars filled with clumsiness and forgetful behaviour.

I look up to the sky, watching the stars, I count em... But nothing beats the shooting star." - Jade Tham

Currently ambitious to rethink design + tech for the local marketplace, and a man can't get enough of his daughter smile and wife's caring.