How to secure your WhatApp? And why that is crucial to do so.

By Nicholas Wong 04 Feb 2020, 08:14PM

How to secure your WhatApp? And why that is crucial to do so.

2020 has been a busy start for hacker. Many online application has been affected, and the most significant is the Facebook empire, significantly their famous chatting app WhatsApp.

A simple hack can immediately cause you lost access to your WhatsApp and open door for hacker to access your data and scam your friends and family. It's basically start from one of your friend or family sending you a message to ask you forward an SMS to them, which obviously as you guessed, that your trusted one has already been hacked, but you have no idea yet, what cost it takes by just forwarding an sms to the trusted one? Your precious data, and bringing great risks to your friends and family.

Well, luckily there is two simple ways to prevent that happen.

First and most importantly, is to turn on two steps verification, this simple method act as a extra layer of security to your WhatsApp account, as it add on a 6 digits pin code to protect your account from intruders, any important action execution will be required to key in the 6 digits pin code to be continue, there is some extra work, but prevention is always better than cure.

Second method is to keep your WhatsApp up to date, as security concerns arise, WhatsApp may already have a patch for that, so keeping your application updated is crucial.

You may check out the video below for how to turn on two steps verification:




Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

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