3 Reasons why you hired a graphic designer and not getting the expected results

By Nicholas Wong 06 Feb 2020, 10:21PM

3 Reasons why you hired a graphic designer and not getting the expected results

You're expected to bring out awareness by hiring a graphic design but couldn't get the expected ROI.

Why? Let's dive into 3 of the reasons below:

#1 Content is not defined

Have you ever heard of "Content is Kind" by Bill Gates? A defined content is extremely important to collaborate with graphic designer, without providing such details you can't expect the designer to build a castle in the air. You must first provide the "ground" (Content) and specific "land area" (Target Audience) to the designer, with such defined content, the designer can have a crystal clear picture in the artwork, and design the art piece that match your content perfectly. 

#2 Being Indecisive

Sound familiar that by asking your graphic design to provide multiple samples or draft? Pointing back to reason #1, without a firm content, you're basically exploring, and after several samples still can't find the attracting artwork you're looking for. My suggestion is you should focus in one designing area, with niche target, both parties can focus on the area and utilise the time to create the best artwork, instead of splitting precious time to create multiple "not attracting" artworks.

#3 Interrupting the Design Process

While collaborate with designer should not involve any personal feelings, such as you prefer blue over red in the artwork, as you hired graphic designer for a reason, that they are the professional in the area, such as matching of colours or positioning of shadows, it shall seek the advise from the professional.


Still with a defined content is the top priority, and be very sharp on who is your target audience by shortening the time in exploring to let the designer to utilise that time to create a much better artwork. Lastly let the professional to decide on what are the elements and arrangement of the artwork in order to create an aesthetic design and influences the audience and bring out awareness to maximise performance.

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Cheers, and have a great day! I hope you enjoy reading this post as I am happy to write it, if you find it interesting or having any comments, please drop us a message below! I'm happy to answer you anytime :)



Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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