62.6% of WordPress site is in risk! Are you one of them? And how to resolve it...

By Nicholas Wong 07 Feb 2020, 07:43PM

62.6% of WordPress site is in risk! Are you one of them? And how to resolve it...

Security concern of WordPress is important, it might leads to compromised login credential, site data changed without your acknowledgement and more more! 

Based on a report from Securi 83% of the hacked platform are WordPress site, it is mainly due to outdated WordPress version or insecure administrator password, and by today there are only 37.4% of the WordPress site is running the latest version, which means 62.6% of the site is outdated! And in a risk of getting hacked by intruder.

So here are what you can do to prevent intruder from attacking your site:

#1 Update your plugins (Obviously!)

But that is easier said then done. Updating WordPress site can cause multiple issues, such as slowing down the site, making hay wire content, or event make your site inaccessible! If you would go to WordPress support site and search "update broken" you will be surprise that there is over 9000 results, well most of the issue can be resolved, and mostly require technical support, and that is where the "web design" company hook you up.

#2 Change to a secure password

This is the simplest method to secure your WordPress site, by following the WordPress official document, you may easily update your administrator password. But again, you don't want lock your front house door, but not preventing attacker entering from the back door, so with more prevention is always better.

#3 Always use SSL/HTTPS

Google has been enforcing the usage of SSL since 2014, and recently they start to prevent you to access site without SSL protection, so it's crucial to have SSL enabled for your site, talk to your web hosting company, they could help you create a free ssl certificate, as NJT is providing free SSL to all of our web hosting client, so please talk to them and raise it up, as at 2020 it's important to comply with such standard.

#4 Simply don't use WordPress and check out NJT Customize Web Development

My suggestion to you is simply not to use WordPress, as WordPress is a open source project, that means any one in the world can know what makes up your site, which means they can directly target on the fragile part, makes it extremely vulnerable, what's more is that WordPress usually have a hard time to modify the theme design, make it very limited to design what you want. So what to do? You should start concern of the exporesure of your source code, or you may contact NJT, all of our website are developed using customized source code, which is never exposed to the internet, and also customized design, with any layout you would like, so you can relax and not to worry the intruder knows how your site works to easily attacks it and make that customized design you need to your site, as we take security concerns from ground up sinnce we building our customized platform and uniquely design every website, so you should visit NJT Homepage now to read more about us, and drop us a message to get started today.


So in short, you should be very clear on your WordPress site version and always use a complex password, or simply just visit NJT Homepage and subscribe our customized web design development package. With WordPress it not only have great security risk, sometime it have problem like broken image or content can go hay wire due to outdated theme, so take action today.



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