How to get more customers, 5 ways of using digital marketing to achieve

By Nicholas Wong 08 Feb 2020, 09:42PM

How to get more customers, 5 ways of using digital marketing to achieve

How can you acquire more customers online and build up customer royalty, we're breaking down into 5 ways of how you can achieve this using digital marketing.

1.) 24/7 accessible

Being online meaning your customer can get reach of you anytime anywhere, they can know about your latest promotion without visiting you, and helping them to resolve problems through online chatting, it's a quick and efficient way to gain extra trust and build up reputation between customers.

2.) Approach a broader audiences

Based on a report estimation by statista, by 2020 59% of Malaysian citizens is owning a smartphone, so more than half of our nation citizen can be your potential customers. So it's a effective ways to get more customers instead of waiting them to pass by your store or business, you can get reach of them online and even do business online.

3.) Advertisement with Cost Effectiveness

Traditional marketing still works, but it's either targeting too broad or being very high cost, which is not very cost effective. But with digital marketing you can target specifically on your niche market to maximise the performance with the minimum spending.

4.) Flexibility

With the ever evolving technologies, today we can target specific audience using big data and machine learning, what's more is that you have the ability to start from any budget, which means you have the flexibility to try different approach or target specific audience with different campaign, there is so many possibilities. With targeted advertisement meaning it can brings awareness to the audience more easily, hence high conversion rate equals better ROI.

5.) Automation using Chatbot

As mention in point #1 you can approach your customers 24/7, what's more is that you can automate that process, by using Chatbot. If you never heard of chatbot let me briefly explain to you, a chatbot is a software that can automatically answer customers enquiry by using preset FAQ answers, it can greatly reduce human resources and resolve customers issues instantly with commonly asked questions, if you're interested with Chatbot you may contact NJT anytime, we're happy to explain more to you.


Everyday technology is evolving, tons of business already enter the digital markets, maybe most of your competitors already did, so why still waits? Not because you're following them, but because if you're not online, you're losing a lot of potential clients. But you don't want to just follow your competitors shadow, you deserve to have a customized digital marketing plan and strategy for your business, so that it works best suited for your business, be curious and be unique, as a wise phrase from the Chinese said "Winning at the starting line".

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