3 reasons why static website better than conventional website

By Nicholas Wong 21 Feb 2020, 01:50PM

3 reasons why static website better than conventional website

Static website is basically a website with fixed content, all the pages are coded using plain HTML, and optimised for the best performance. On the other hand, dynamic website is site that with manageable content, which involved a complex system with front end web and back end content management system, and also relation to database management, which are usually higher cost and not very responsive to performance, as each page load requires to loading data from the database, taking extra load and effort for the server.

Let's discover 3 of the reasons why static site is better than conventional/dynamic website:

#1 Performance

As you might have guessed, without all the fuzziness to connect to back-end server and database, it only takes a split second to load up the page content, and in turn to better performance, as Google has already mention how important is page speed related to google search, so it's very important to speed up the page loading speed to meet latest requirement to rank up your website in Google! Try the free Page Speed insights to see how your page loading speed score.

#2 Zero Cost in Hosting

As there are no relation to back-end server and database, you actually does not need a actual server to host your website! There are many free static server available to host your static site and while maintaining the awesome page loading speed, if you're interested in free static site hosting, you may contact NJT for assisting too.

#3 Security

Being simple and clean is the safest, without database you don't have to worry about SQL Injection, without CMS you don't have to worry about session hijacking, as nothing is related to your valuable data, so worries free. As mention here that a WordPress site with outdated plug-ins / update can cause serious security issues, so being update free is the best prevention for security issues.


Of course being plain and basic is good, but if you're planning to grow your business, that with hundreds and thousands of different pages, that would be best to go for dynamic website, as it provide easier management for the content. But if you're in a midst of starting a new company and want to explore something as a starter, static website would be perfect for you, not only it's faster to setup, blazing fast and lower cost, best of all you don't have to worry about security issues. But still different situation will have different approach too, if you are unsure which one to pick for your business, you may contact us and we are happy to assist you on your selection of static vs dynamic website,



Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

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